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JamJev offers three types of gymnastics levels. Our coaches will determine where your athlete will fit and feel most successful.  JamJev will teach basic to high-level gymnastics skills in a safe environment, using appropriate techniques and lead-ups to every skill. Each skill will be taught according to the child’s physical and mental abilities, with safety as our highest priority. Our coaches are well-trained and qualified to meet the needs of all gymnasts.

Recreational gymnastics describes classes that provide an introduction to movement and gymnastic elements with the goal of learning more about the sport.  Children of almost all ages may participate in recreational gymnastics and will be placed in classes based on current skill level and exposure to gymnastics.  Recreational gymnastics is a great place to enjoy learning new skills without competition.  JamJev has an annual exhibition to showcase what each child has learned each year.  To start, contact our office for an evaluation. Classes meet weekly and cost from $60-$105 per month depending on the level.  Come try a class on us and see what JamJev is all about!


Compulsory Gymnastics describes a competitive gymnastics program designed to aid your child in learning to compete.  Levels 3-5 are considered compulsory levels.  Each level has a group of skills that are mandatory to achieve in order to compete within that level.  JamJev offers  an evaluation to help decide what level is appropriate for the gymnast based on experience.  Compulsory gymnastics involves a committment to attend practice, progression of skills due to hard work, and competition leotards/fees/travel.  Each gymnast will work with their level coach to achieve yearly goals and progressions.

If this program describes your interest, call our office for an evaluation and try a class on us.  We can answer any questions you may have regarding cost and commitment.

Compulsory Gymnastics
~Levels 3-5~

Optional Gymnastics
~Levels 6-10~

Optional Gymnastics describes a gymnast who has qualified to compete in levels 6-10.  JamJev offers evaluations designed to help place gymnasts in the appropritate place where they are most likely to succeed and excel.  Optional gymnastics requires a committment to practice, a desire to excel and work hard in meeting goals, and a partnership with coaches/parents to make sure that the competition season is successful.  

Please contact our office if you would like to visit with us and meet our coaches.  We are committed to excellence and safety.  We received the award for Optional Gymnastics Team of the year for 2016 & 2017 for the state and the region.  JamJev is a great place to invest your talents.



Our first gymnastics class for your little tykes. This class is designed for children less than 5 years old (50 minutes per class; $60 per month)


Jammer 1 :

Children will be taught introductory gymnastics skills and body positions that will help develop coordination, balance, strength, and body awareness  Children also practice social skills such as working with a group, waiting your turn, listening to directions, and following directions. (55 minutes per class; $75 per month

Jammer 2 :

Building upon previously attained skills, children will be taught techniques and terminology to further develop skills. Children will develop confidence and build strength and stamina. (85 minutes per class; $90 per month)

Jammer 3 : 

Children will develop gymnastics skills that emphasize progression and proper technique for each skill. Children will build self-esteem through the mastery of the fundamentals of gymnastics. (115 minutes per class; $105 per month)

Hot Shots:

This is an invitation only class. (120 minutes per class) 


Recreational Class Descriptions:


Please call  205-426-6550 to check about class availability.

Class openings change frequently.